New character..

Put your hands together for Jon Whitfield, whos gonna be playing
Your character name: "Elwood"
Your character gender: N/A - but mentally male
Your character's age: Warranty ran out last year
Your character's nationality: Made in Japan and Korea
Desired Department: Multiple
Desired Job (in department): General maintenence
Section Three
Your character's physical appearance: Elwood is a
skutter... *pause* What do you mean you need more
information than that?! *sighs* Okay... Dark motorized
base with wheels, pivoting and folding neck which is
about a metre long, streamlined head with 3 claws...
will that do? :P
Your character's personality and interests: Due to
a run-in with a large metal girder (aka: it fell
on-top of him when the Blue Dwarf splash-landed),
Elwood has developed a number of unusual character
traits: The biggest of which is that he usually does
what he's told to do! (try ordering a normal skutter
to do anything - just cover your groin beforehand).
Also, Elwood is not fixated with John Wayne, but does
enjoy a good car-chase movie now and then (hence his
self-given name taken from 'The Blues Brothers').
Elwood's fuzzy logic is slightly more developed than
most other skutters, and he was often frustrated at being unable to
communicate with the crew, no voice box and all can be a bummer!
However he 'found' a voice unit deep withing one of the computer
stations it had somehow got connected to wires and stuff too.
Possessing a great deal of free will, he will usually occupy himself
constructively if there is nothing pressing to do.
'Hobbies' include self-maintainance, watching movies
and cartoons, drawing (he's not the greatest artist...
yet) and trying to find someone / something who he can
talk to.
Your character's history: 2100 - JMC Space Vessel
'Blue Dwarf' - unpacked from supply bay container and
assembled. Regular duties and the 'usual' skutter-esq
insubordinate behaviour observed. AWOL and considered
missing following the ship's splashdown. Reappeared
several weeks later - altered behaviour noted but
unreported. Has been on 'active duty' ever since.
Your character's favourite phrases/sayings:
"I'm on a mission from God..."
"Curses! Foiled by another evil staircase!"
"You can't seriously expect me to clean THAT up?!"

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