Smut Haven

"Oi Jay...dont fling balls at my daughter" Said Phil. "Ohh...another £50!"
MP rolled on the floor with laughter
"What's the matter with him?" asked Owen
"Oh nothing...Although of course you realise  that under any other ciccumstances, me saying ""Oi Jay...dont fling your balls at my daughter" would also result in me flushing Jay's head down the toilet AFTER Dean had a curry..."
"Ohhhh nasty"
Owen meanwhile had got out a great big cross and was holding in front of him....
"Why you holding that cross?"
There was another moan from the table as the words "I've never seen a woman do that with my balls before" floated across the bar.
"Well lets see, you've downed a PINT of JD's and your not drunk....."
"Ah yes, must be a delayed factor"
"I'll be off home now, " Said Dean/Amber who was starting to move out the bar very slowley.
Phil was tapped on the shoulder
"You Febuggure?"
"Yes? Why?"
"I need you to sign for this. There was no answer at your quarters.."
Phil took the pad that was offered to him..IT was addressed to Amber for some odd reason.
"What is it?" Asked Phil, giving the pad back afetr signing for it.
"A full length mirror and a tramplone.."
Phil turned towards Dean/Amber..
"Well young "lady" what have you got to say for yourself?"
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