A Pack of Fags and a Vintage Strat

Who: Sydra
When: Whenever
Where: Syd's quarters
Finally back aboard the BD, Sydra glanced around as she sat on her
bunk. She was slightly fatigued from her recent activities but the
disorderly state of her quarters didn't allow her to rest. With her
unpacking still not finished, Syd got up and headed to the few
remaining containers. Syd opened one of the boxes and began to
withdraw a number books followed by her extensive CD collection of
twentieth and twenty first century punk. After placing the books and
music on their shelves Sydra moved onto the final box. This large box
contained several items. Withdrawing her reproduction of Risk, Syd
sighed. She doubted very much that she would find anyone interested
in battling her for world domination… but then again, she often had
trouble finding people to play the extremely long, drawn out game.
After finding a home for the game, Syd returned to the box. Carefully
she extracted her vintage Stratocaster. Gingerly she took out a soft
cloth and polished the deep blue body of the old guitar. Chuckling to
herself, Sydra couldn't help but wonder why she didn't play more
often. It would certainly compliment her lyrical outbursts. Sydra
finished wiping down her git and placed it delicately on its stand.
Walking back to her bunk, Sydra stopped as she saw a small item left
in the bottom of the last box. Reaching in to retrieve the last item,
Syd produced a pack of cigarettes. Hesitating for a moment, she
shrugged her shoulders as she quickly found some fire. "I suppose
just one fag won't hurt," she thought to herself as she lit up.
Inhaling deeply, Syd plopped herself down onto her bunk. Upon
finishing her first cig, Sydra realized that much like always, she
wouldn't be sleeping much tonight. Unconsciously, she lit another fag
as she got up from her bunk once again. She thought about taking a
little stroll to try and combat her sleeplessness, but instead out of
sheer boredom she opened the box which contained Risk and set it up
on the table. Setting up the game she sat in a chair and stared at
the board. She couldn't believe just how many hours she had spent
playing this silly game. "If world domination were only so easy," she
thought as she finished setting up.
Leaving the game fully set on the table, Syd went back to her guitar.
Placing her fifth cigarette in the ashtray, she plugged her guitar
into the amplifier. After a quick tuning and a bit of volume
adjustment, higher of course, Syd began to play a few chords. Finding
that it was fairly easy to just pick up again, Sydra played a few
fast paced opening chords as she began to sing:
*If I could I would but you know I can't lie to you
If I could I say, if you say so then I'll say yes…*
< tag whoever can't bear the noise or who may be up for a bit of RISK
OOC: I'm terribly sorry for my lack of posting, but I've been a bit
shall we say `preoccupied.' Anywho, by now I should be able to
contribute more than I have been… hopefully.

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