The Winners

Here they are folks...the results
I've only posted the winners here. Quite a few people got a lot of votes, but were only beaten by one vote, so please don't feel upset/angry/want to kill Dean.
Best Command Officer  Commander White Wolf
Best Medical/Psych  Dr Patrick Cerebrum
Best Security Officer Phil FeBuggure
Best Pilot  Dean Thomas (this is a joke yes?)
Best Civilian  Seymour NiplesBest Science officer Eve Rimmer
Best Engineer   Chris Zodar
Best Male Character    Jay
Best Female Character Alota Chrysler(mind you Jay did get a mention in this category)
Best NPC  Mini-Phil x 4
Best Couple    Zack and Cubie
Best Newcomer    Kara McGellen
Best *Action* Plot    Superheroes/Pleb 
Best Sub-Plot  Body Swap
Most Entertaining   Jay
Best All-Round Poster    White Wolf
Most popular Character    Jay
** NEW Categorys for this year only **Best Clone         Mini-PhilBest Ship          PhoenixBest Crash        Dean drive room crashBest Alter-ego    Cerebrum as Lennin
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