OOC-Cornwall was great!!

Hiya everyone, despite geting back on sunday night I've only just finished
reading all the posts from last week. There have been some cracking reads
and congratulations to everyone eho got a Longwood award. If you didn't get
one then it doesn't mean we dont like you! All of the winners have put a lot
of effory into the BD and theres no reason why anyone not mentioned can't
recieve one of the top awards next year.
I'll post tomorrow night as that damned annoyinng thing I do during the day
which takes up too much of my time (usually called work) prevented me from
getting much done tonight. But the website has been updated with the new
awards at least.
David "Onion" Ball
Captain Seymour Niples, JMC Blue Dwarf
Londo: "Stop eating that, you don't even know what it is."
G'Kar: "Its called 'rice'."
Londo: "Yes, and if it were that good do you think they'd be throwing it at
each other?"
(Babylon 5)
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