Kinda happy kinda sad...

Kara and Jasmine walked in and looked at the hell hole of a bar.
"All right now this is my kinda party!" Kara cheered.
She tried to run off and Jasmine grabbed her.
"I don't think so missy! I want to see how much you drink cause I don't want
you doing things just in case you forget that's a flesh and blood body."
Jasmine barked.
"Uhh sure." Kara said.
She sat down and felt a spitball hit bounce off her head. She darted around.
"Okay smeggers that's it!"
Alyse(aka Capt. Emerald)
Nice one, Listy. I should trust you to fly when I go suicidal. You drive
like a drunken baboon, laddie. -Rimmer, Stasis Pod From Hell.
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