Re: A pack of fags and a Vintage Strat

WHO: Eve Rimmer, Sydra Tempest.
WHERE: Living quarters.
WHEN: While Dean's trying to get alcohol into Amber's body at Parrots.
Eve had gone back to her quarter's to relax and spend some time with
Ares seeing as her boyfriend 'Chris Zodar' had disappeared for a
while and may even not be talking to her :(
She laid on her bunk, next to her cat stroking his soft black fur
cursing the fact that she was now sharing quarters, instead of her
soft double bed she was stuck with a single bunk, but at least she
got the top one.
Eve Lola Rimmer a 17-year-old girl and Assistant Chief Science
Officer was not only sharing her quarters with her beuatiful cat Ares
but a new 24-year-old nurse by the name of Jasmine Starbolt.
They had not spent much time together and knew barely anything about
each other, the most Jasmine knew about Eve was she was dating the
Chief Engineer, Christopher Zodar, that Eve loved cats, had cat eyes
and turned out to be the half-sister of Tara Cleavage-FeBuggure a
higher ranking nurse, who had thought her mother was dead when she
clearly wasn't. The most Eve knew were the rumours that Jasmine was
dating Dean Raven Thomas, a pilot whom everone knew couldn't fly let
alone make the Phoenix dance with Jasmine.
Eve continued laying there thinking about all this, she decided that
when they both had time they should get to know each other, and as
Jasmine was older and probably more experimental (the fact she was of
age to drink and dating Dean is bad enough) then Eve would like from
a room mate, rules would have to be set. Eve started playing some
through her mind working on how to word them so that Jasmine would
agree to them.
<SNIP>After a quick tuning and a bit of volume adjustment, higher of
course, Syd began to play a few chords. Finding that it was fairly
easy to just pick up again, Sydra played a few fast paced opening
chords as she began to sing:
*If I could I would but you know I can't lie to you If I could I say,
if you say so then I'll say yes¦*<END SNIP>
Eve couldn't think over the noise, it seemed to be right next door,
he teeth gritted at the thought of this happening when she'd actually
be doing some work... Eve couldn't help but listen, it sounded pretty
good, a little of tune here and there, but weren't we all. Eve jumped
up she knew what to do, she went to her wardrobe and took out a black
box, it was of medium size but the contents to the untrained eye were
unknown, Eve smiled to herself and marched out of her quarters with
Ares in tow and knocked on the offending door.
The music and noise actually stopped inside, Eve looked at Ares
surprised her knocking was heard though in truth she had banged on it
a bit hard.
A young woman opened the door and looked puzzled and a little worried
that she may have annoyied someone important.
Eve put out her hand and shook the surprised females hand.
"Hi, I'm Eve Lola Rimmer, Sciebce Department, newly appointed
Assistant Chief Science Officer, my quarters are just next door"
nodding her head in the direction
"I'm Sydra Tempest, Sercurity Department, fairly new to the ship,
Covert Operations Officer, call me Syd... arh look sorry about the
noise, i'll stop"
"Not at all." opening her case and showing her the instrument inside.
"I was wondering if I could join you?" holding up her trumpet.
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