Smut, smut & more smut

Who~ Jasmine, Kara/Dean, Dean/Amber, Jay/Rio, Phil, Mini-Phil.
Where~ Parrotts, where else
When~ Is there even a clock in here.
<A few snips but yeah read it all it fills in a few gaps>
<SNIP>Jasmine and Kara/Dean walked in at this point. "All right now
this is my kinda party!" Kara cheered. She tried to run off and
Jasmine grabbed her. "I don't think so missy! I want to see how much
you drink cause I don't want you doing things just in case you forget
that's a flesh and blood body." Jasmine barked. "Uhh sure." Kara
said. She sat down and felt a spitball hit bounce off her head. She
darted around. "Okay smeggers that's it!"<ENDSNIP>
No-one owned up to it, but Mini-Phil came to both the girls mind,
they turned towards the beginning of a pool game
<SNIP>Jasmine laughed whan she saw Jay then quickly stopped when Mini-
Phil barged passed her holding Jays cue high above his head. "Phil"
said Jay "Buy the ladies a drink and meet me at the tables!" <ENDSNIP>
Phil didn't look to happy at spending more money on alcohol, but as
he's not as cheap as Keto and Cerebrum he did anyway. Within minutes
after refusing Dean's usual Kara/Dean had a beer in her hand and
Jasmine had gone for an Illusion and that was in hers, they turned to
watch Jay/Rio beating the other bar scum at pool, laughing as they
knew it was Jay not Rio.
<SNIP>She crawled out, with a perfectly clean uniform, and immaculate
hair. "Incredible what hairdriers do these days." .... "Hey, Dad."
said Dean/Amber, then muttered "Suppose we should really keep up
It took Jasmine a little while to realise that it was her Dean in
front of her not the 15-yr-old Amber who's body he was in, she had to
hold herself back from hugging and kissing him as he was lucky to be
alive, he had been strapped in one of Cerebrum's chairs.
<SNIP>"Well..." THWACK Dean was hit on the side of the head with the
white ball "SHUT UP!!!" Jay shouted, he had still managed to pot
three balls with that shot, god knows what he was moaning about,
especially with the music and general hustle of the bar, Dean
wondered if Jay was just looking for an excuse to deal some pain upon
him. "Oi Jay...dont fling balls at my daughter" Said
Phil. "Ohh...another £50!"<ENDSNIP>
THWACK Jay/Rio's head jolted forward from the impact of a hand
conecting with the back of Rio's head.
"OWWWWW!!!! What was that.... for" turning around and realising it
had been Jasmine's hand
"You still didn't have to hit so hard" rubbing his head, Dean smiled
at the fact his girlfriend was looking out for him, he was after all
in the body of a 15-yr-old girl and couldn't do much himself, like
drink for example.
"I am a woman you know" Jay/Rio said thinking he'd get out of anymore
"So am I and cat fights are allowed" Jasmine said arms crossed
"She's got a point there" Phil said, even though it was Dean it still
was his daughters head.
Jasmine was happy at this and went back between Dean/Amber and
Kara/Dean picking up her drink again.
<SNIP>"Yeh, well, he'll need it, after all, I hear that Amber has
spent over £30,000 of Jay's money on plastic surgery (to improve his
mug), and some of that also went on pedicure, manicure, a new
haircut, oh, and some clothes..." Everyone watched as Rio suddenly
sprinted out of the hall, attention returned to the pool game in time
to see the cue finally drop to the felt.<ENDSNIP>
Jasmine saw the twinkle in his eye and knew Dean/Amber had been
gettin ghis/her own back and so said nothing.
<SNIP>"Oh nothing...Although of course you realise that under any
other ciccumstances, me saying ""Oi Jay...dont fling your balls at my
daughter" would also result in me flushing Jay's head down the toilet
AFTER Dean had a curry..."<ENDSNIP>
"I really didn't need to hear that" she turned as she washed back the
rest of her bottle
<SNIP>"A full length mirror and a tramplone.." Phil turned towards
Dean/Amber.. "well young "lady" what have you got to say for
"Dean what are you playing at?" Yelled Jasmine, "I mean Amber" her
hands went straight to her hips, ideas flooded her mind, some she
liked, her stance returned to normal while waiting for the answer.

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