Who: mostly Elwood right now, but anyone else can jump in
Where: Parrotts
When: how about now? then? who knows...
Alerted by Holly about a class 1 gut evacuation in Parrotts Bar,
Elwood started down the skut-tunnel towards the puddle of vomit as
quickly as his wheels could take him.
Repairing the lightbulb inside the service hatch on one of the
vending machines could wait - after all, not being able to see into
the circuits of a machine wasn't the kind of thing that got spread
around the ship on the soles of the crew's boots...
Of course, Elwood usually had to worry about stuff like that. After
all, he was the only skutter who gave a flying smeg about the welfare
of the Blue Dwarf inhabitants, not that he ever got much thanks.
But still, he wasn't bitter - his emotion chip never really stretched
that far.
Carrying on down the mass of small tunnels that ran parallel to the
air vents, Elwood checked his status.
"36 seconds to Parrotts... I've got a skutter sized super sonic mop,
half a battery pack... it's dark, but I've got infra-red vision"
He squealed around a corner and waited a few seconds for the hatch
into the bar area to open, before rolling into the room and buzzing
between the mass of legs.
Getting stood on twice and accidentally tripping a few people over,
Elwood eventually reached Mini-Phil's sick puddle, which, joy of
joys, looked undisturbed by the passage of feet.
The skutter whipped out his SSSSM and began to clean the area,
humming a random tune through his tinny voice box.
Jon W / Elwood (post number 1 - yay for me)

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