Unlike some people, I'm busy

Carrying a stack of magazines that at times blocked
her vision, Allie made her way to the Captain's
quarters. All the magazines that she carried alone
dealt with tuxedos and accessories.
When she arrived, she didn't knock or try to enter.
Allie just put the stack down by the door and started
back to her own quarters. Much as she would have loved
to chat, she was way too busy. But she had left a note
for him that read:
"Hey cutie pie,
I know you're busy being captain (I'm so proud!) but
when you have a moment, just look through these and
pick out something to wear for the wedding. I've
marked the ones I thought would look best on you with
pink post-it notes, the ones I thought would look okay
with green, and the ones I wasn't really sure with
yellow. Get back to me when you've picked out
something. Sorry I can't stay and chat but I have a
wedding to plan.
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