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Wahoo! Charlie Dimmock!
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Day FiveMedic Bay1115 HoursJill watched as the unconscious Harris twitched and muttered things like.  "Get the hell away from me, Charlie!"Jill was only watching the Major because no one else was around other then that of the unconscious Lt. Smegg, who already knew about her, who had been brought in from his quarters by a couple of Harris' goons who had went to check out an intruder alert."Oh!"  Jill shouted at Harris.  No reaction and she didn't wake him he could futher damage to his already broken arm.  "Oh, Nutter!"Was there no waking this man, so what if he was caught up in an explosion that threw him into a wall, breaking his left arm and a few ribs?  Seeing that she wasn't going to be able to wake Harris she just decided to run a search on the name he kept muttering, Charlie Dimmock.  Ex-girlfriend maybe.  She only found a match for the name in the late 20th century history files, 'Charlie Dimmock, water gardens expect who appeared in England's BBC programs 'Ground Force' and 'Charlies Army' who was best known for not wearing a bra.  So why would a water garden expect be giving Harris nightmares."Not the pond liner!"  Harris muttered.Now that comment was strange, Jill thought, even for a two-thirds insane Major.Jill disappeared from her screen as a nurse came to check upon on the Major and Lt, and only reappeared when the nurse had gone."Oh, you there on the medic bed, get up and stop wasting time!"  Jill shouted at the Major.Finally Harris woke, startled and shaking he looked round and ground his teeth together when he discovered his left arm was broken, wrapped in a cast and supported by a swing around his neck, when he tried to move it.  As he tried to sit up he let out a groan as he discovered that a number of his ribs were broken."About time, Doyle."  Jill commented."Great, from one nightmare to another."  Harris commented.Jill disappeared when the nurse returned and told Harris.  "Shouldn't be out of bed!""Sod off!"  Harris snarled at the nurse and only then noticed he was dressed in one of those god-awful things that never seemed to fully fasten at the back."I don't care who are you or what your rank is so get back to bed I will alert Van Threk!"  The nurse warned Harris."And I don't give a damn even if you told Commander Nipels!"  Harris told the nurse and then he demanded to know.  "Now where are my clothes?!"The nurse gave him a dirty look, disappeared into another area of the medic bay and returned with his uniform.  Harris took his uniform for the nurse and continued to glare at her as she left the medic bay in a bad mood.Harris quickly changed into the uniform that was charred around the edges, and finding it hard to do so with a broken arm.Deck 13 - Brig1135 HoursHarris made his way around the walkways.  Most of brigs staff was just milling around doing nothing as with no inmates there was nothing to do.Harris made his way to cell 01,which he had calmed on the day one as his living quarters, and slowly laid down onto the hard bed, groaning as his ribs ached.Jill appeared on the screen and asked.  "Why don't you use the officer's quarters?""Because in the decade I've spent in the JMC I've spent four years sleeping on beds like these I just can't get comfortable on the beds in the officer's quarters."  Harris replied."We have a number of problems."  Jill told Harris."Great."  Harris said."The young Lt. Smegg knows about me."  Jill told the Major."Remind to threaten him when he wakes up."  Harris said."Also, while someone who reminded me a lot of you was trying to get me to start a revolt with scutters a new personality was download into the computer mainframe over a 'Black Channel'*."  Jill continued."When?"  Harris demanded a little too loudly as his hurt."Around the same time you were dealing with that bomb."  Jill answered."What's this new personality like?"  Harris asked a lot quieter."Like you on a really bad day."  Jill answered.  "Smegg discovered it and ended up like that in return.  After that it moved out of the main director and disappeared into the system.""Are you considering driving the scutters into a revolt?"  Harris enquired."No, Dave."  Jill told him feeling a little hurt.  "You put that little trust in me?""I know what you are like!"  Harris explained.* Black Channel - Nickname given to the communication channels used by black marketers, pirates and generally nasty people by security staff.(To point out to those that haven't read 'Hello Jilly' Jill is independent to the computer mainframe.)                  To unsubscribe from this group, send an email

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