Lace/Jasmine and I (Jenni/Eve) liked the cross-over, we thought it was a good idea and it would have worked, and it will work in the future.The group just needed to be informed of what was going on, short profiles on the new characters given, so that we could interact better.The only problem was lack of information.You're back now so things will smooth themselves out and posting will go back to normal. As you were the link between the two games, you were the only one who understood entirely what was going on and who everyone was, so you not being around had a huge effect on the situation.We're very surprised to hear that there were major complaints and we feel you should not step down as Co-GM, just exercise more imformation in future.Cheers from us Jenni and Lace.>>BD Players - I formally take responsibility for the earlier fiasco that was created, (even though I got the Council's ok to do this whole thing), and therefore profusely apologize for any inconvenience, frustration, confusion, or general ruckus that was created by my attempt at this 'crossover' between the two games, (World of Cendri and the Blue Dwarf). I had originally thought (and was assured by some Blue Dwarf council members) that there wouldn't be a problem with doing this crossover, and hoped it would create an enjoyable experience for all involved. (While possibly gaining a few more converts for both games.) Again, Sorry for my mistake. (I will consider this a lesson learned and will not repeat it in the future. Plus if necessary, to address some of the complaints I've heard other BD members say in the various BD groups, I will also offer to step down from being a Co-GM of the Blue Dwarf, if the council wishes me to do so...)- White WolfMSN Photos is the easiest way to share and print your photos: Click Here

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