Re: Hamster Hamster!

Who: Anyone on the Planet, EXCEPT White Wolf as he was taken by Orcs & Darken plus Phil, MP, Tara, Jay & Dean (WHO"S STILL IN AMBER"S BODY!!!)
When: Well... the suns shining, so that means it's daytime, right?
Where: Outside Gomja's cave, on Citadellia.
<SNIP> Everyone is quietly woken up one by one, by Gomja in the darkness of his cave, who quickly informs them in hushed tones, that Captain White Wolf has been captured. He also points to the five orcs standing guard by the campfire near the caves entrance, and motions for everyone to follow him, whispering "The orcs don't know about my back door..."
Once everyone is outside, Gomja whispers, "I think they've taken the one you call 'White Wolf' back to the metal citadel. Since they've got only got a short lead on us, I think we can catch up to your other friends at the keep, and take a short cut which I know through the woods from there to the metal citadel and rescue your leader from his dark furred brother."
Without waiting for an answer, Gomja sets off. <END SNIP>"I'm with Gomja" Eve said, she walked off quickly, catching up with and following Gomja,"But what about Dean!" Jasmine shouted in a hushed voice (Lace says its possible, I don't agree, but it's her sentence) "He's off with Jay and them.""We'll find them later, or they'll find us." Eve called back"Fine I'm coming too, what about you guys?" Turning to the rest of the group but starting to walk off.<Tag><Whoa that was short!, sorry>Send and receive Hotmail on your mobile device: Click Here

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