Like a dead married couple...

"Yeah that'd be good" he paused "Jas, you do love me right?""Even with all your faults""Then why haven't we had sex yet, we're like an old married couple " He stood there very upset, Jasmine smiled, shook her head and put her arms around him.<END SNIP>
"Well, said Dean, guiding Jasmine over to the bed, "I'm pretty sure we can rectify that!"
"Hmm?" said Jasmine, looking deep into his grey eye's..
"Dean, you got a minute?" said Jay.
"Oh BLOODY BUGGERING HELL!" yelled Dean, standing up and walking over to the comm unit. "This had better be good Jay."
"I've hacked in to Hol to use the comm, we want to see if you've got any ideas on how to get Holly back on our side. Say why you looking so hacked off?"
Dean turned away, "Jasmine, could you get out of bed and come over..."
"Never mind! I see now, well, sorry, but this takes priority. That's an order from the captain himself." Then jay was cut off as Hol finally managed to throw him out of the system.
"Sorry baby gotta run." he said walking over and into the door.
On the floor, Dean reflected that walking into door's wasn't good for his health, luckil he had a trained nurse...
...who was currently ignoring him and was at the door panel trying to open it.
"Wait a second." said Dean getting up, "I thought Elwood had wrenched that door off."
"So did I." said jas, whacking the repair panel.
"He did." said Hol, "But the skutters when needed can be prett quick."
"That's it, I'm going to hack into him and open the door."
"Really?" asked Holly.
Jas sighed, "Dean, next time, don't tell the computer you're going to hack him."
"Unfortunately guys, I can't override my self-defence mechanisms, but as your under the influenece of the polymorph you shouldn't feel much..."
Gas started to seep into the quarters through the vents.
"Hol! HOL! HOL! HOL!"
Dean sat down and started doing what he'd threatened, hacking into the system.
Jasmine starting stuffing bedsheets and other miscellaneous (including Deans altered clothes) into the ventilator in an effort to stop the gas.
"..and I interrupted him.." said Jay, when his comm went off.
"Jay? It's me, Dean, listen, Hol think's we're intruders and is gassing us. I repaet, mea nd Jas are trapped in our quarters and are being gassed. A little help would be appreicated here!"
"SMEG!" yelled WW, Phil and Jay at the same time...
Dean "Hacker" Thomas

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