Lockdown (Yes, I Posted)

Who: Keto, Holly, Tara, Brain
Where: Just outside the medibay
When: During the lockdown
Keto groaned and slowed hauled himself upright.
The last thing he could remember was Chris Zodar dragging him away
from a demented Tara Cleavage, which wasn't too bad of a thing to
recall - apart from then there had been a sudden, very intense
feeling of a kind of emotional explosion. Zodar's involuntary
reaction had been to stop running and drop to the floor as everyone's
emotions were flung back to them.
Unfortunately, his hands had let go of Keto, who had been sent
hurtling along the corridor and headfirst into a very firm bulkhead.
Hence the large headache now pounding on the inside of Keto's skull.
"Checking myself into my own medibay to look for signs of
concussion," muttered Keto as he stumbled along the corridor, "Who
would have thought?"
He finally reached the closed doors of the medibay and stumbled
through the automatic sliding doors.
TRIED to stumble through the automatic sliding doors.
"Ow...what the...? HOLLY!"
Holly appeared on a nearby monitor.
"What's up, Doc?"
"Firstly, that's not remotely funny. Secondly, open these doors."
"I can't do that."
"Why not?" growled Keto, surprised that for once it was Holly that
was annoying him and not a Chrysler.
"Jay Chrysler's put in a security lockdown."
Keto stood corrected.
"Why is there a security lockdown?" he growled again, fists
clenching and unclenching.
"Because you're all under the influence of the polythingummy and I
don't want to let you near any critical systems."
"So I'm locked out," said Keto, just to be cleared, "Locked out of
MY medibay?"
"Afraid so."
Without another word, Keto turned on his heel and stalked off, head
still thumping, to look for a Chrysler to talk some sense into.
Where: A random corridor
> "What? You didn't. You failed." Said the brain confidently. Tara
> gaped at the robot.
> "Oh my god.... Charlie..... it is you..... i'm so sorry I doubted
> you.... but if your Charles. Then who is Dr Keto?"
Fortunately for Keto, his survival instincts paid far more
attention to his ears than his actual brain did, causing him to stop
dead in his tracks just before he turned the corner around which the
rather worrying snippet of conversation had just come.
"I am," replied the voice of the animated brain, somewhat
confusedly. Keto peered around the corner to see Tara talking to the
little motorised organ, before pulling himself back round out of
He was in trouble. Again.
"Yes, but if you're Keto, who's he?"
"Me?" asked the brain, sounding more bewildered. Tara sighed and
closed her eyes.
"If you're Doctor Charles Keto, then who is the person on board
this ship who calls themselves Doctor Charles Keto?"
There was a long pause.
"I'm sorry, you've lost me there," admitted the brain.
"Look, it's perfectly simple," Tara said, beginning to explain.
Keto suddenly realised that unless he prevented this conversation
from happening, very bad things could come to pass in the very near
future. Very bad things to him.
With that in mind, his feet suddenly sprang to life again and he
sprinted around the corner, moving faster than he could remember
moving before. Tara had just enough time to glance up at the running
footsteps before Keto swooped past, grabbing the brain robot with
both arms and speeding onwards.
At least, that was the plan. Keto somewhat underestimated the
weight of the materials that Trisees had used to construct the robot,
resulting in him colliding with it and, instead of lifting it up,
doing a 270 degree flip about his own shoulders and landing on his
back on the metal corridor floor with a loud clang.
There was another long pause.
"Ow," murmured Keto, to break the silence.
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