Jay, Phil and the Captain to the rescue!

OOC: IN case I don't get a case to post again over my holiday
weekend, I'd like to wish everybody in the US a Happy Thanksgiving
holiday! :) - White Wolf
Who: White Wolf, Jay, & Phil.
Where: In Parrots.
When: Just after Dean said he was a gas. Oh, he's *being* gassed...
<Doggie clip>
""..and I interrupted him.." said Jay, when his comm went off.
"Jay? It's me, Dean, listen, Hol think's we're intruders and is
gassing us. I repaet, mea nd Jas are trapped in our quarters and are
being gassed. A little help would be appreicated here!"
"SMEG!" yelled WW, Phil and Jay at the same time...
<end doggie clip>
"To Dean's quarters!" Yelled White Wolf running out the door, pausing
for a moment and then continuing, "Why does that give me a odd
feeling of De'ja Vu?"
"Maybe because it feels just a silly as yelling 'To the Batmobile'?"
Supplied Phil next to him.
"Your right, it does feel kinda silly." says the hamster, who tried
snapping his claws, but only resulting in a weak 'Ttthhhb' while
saying, "Almost forgot!"
He went back and grabbed the bowl of Hamster kibble, and a nearby
bottle of Pace 'mild' hot sauce, before charging back out the door
with Jay & Phil.
<A few moments and one extremely hacked off Phil threatening bodily
harm to all AI's & two express lifts later, in front of the door to
Dean's quarters..>
"I've got the door!" Called Jay slamming his shoulder into it,
quickly grabbing his now hurt shoulder, mutters "Blemin' $#@%^ door!"
"Stand back I've been meaning to try this new explosive of Penny's
out." Remarks Phil pulling out a baggie with something that looked
surprisingly like silly putty.
"We don't need to do anything as drastic as blowing things up!"
interuppts White Wolf sprinkling the door with the bottle of hot
"Seasoning the door before eating it - that's original..." Quips Phil.
"Nah, JMC produced metals give me indigestion.", replies the six foot
one inch hamster casually, "Besides, I'm also letting you in on one
of the dirty little secrets of the JMC Engineering & security
services - JMC produced metals doesn't resist hot sauces made in
Texas very well." As the metal quickly starting smoking and dissolved
under the sprinkled hot sauce.
The smoke started to clear, as a large portion of the door fell into
Dean's living quarters.
"After you two! I've got to stop the reaction before it eats through
the floor plating or something" Says the huge hamster, chucking
Hamster Kibble into his mouth and crunching loudly.

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