A masterful opportunity

"Holly," Cererbum said evenly. "Why won't this door open?" He had been
seperated from Cain.
"Because we're under a security lockdown, because of the poly-whatmacallit,"
Holly replied.
"You mean a polymorph?" asked Cerebrum
"That's the word."
"Why are we under a security lockdown?"
"Because you're all under the influence of the thingy-morph."
"Holly, scan your records," Cerebrum stated, he knew how to work with
computers. "When did I leave the ship? Before or after the polymorph
"Before," Holly replied, after about fifteen minutes.
"Is the polymorph still on board?"
"No," Holly stated after another fifteen minutes
"Then I can't possibly be affected by it," Cerebrum pronouced, his
"I guess that makes sense," Holly said doubtfully.
"Good. Then open the door."
The door slid open, and Cerebrum walked through into his office and sat down
at his desk. "Since I'm the only one unaffected, that makes me, technically
speaking, the highest ranking officer on board the ship, correct?"
"I guess that makes sense too."
"Good," Cerebrum thought long and hard. About a few recent incidents that he
was determined to recitify. "Holly, as the acting-captain, I order you to
play really annoying elevator music around all other people on board this
ship at all times."
Holly's face dissapeared from the monitor, as he went to implement the
command. Cerebrum grinned, as he heard the music start to play. Being insane
had a few advantages, in that you couldn't driven insane by elevator music,
for instance. The music increased in intensity, the sweet sound of revenge.

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