A good point...

The smoke started to clear, as a large portion of the door fell into Dean's living quarters."After you two! I've got to stop the reaction before it eats through the floor plating or something" Says the huge hamster, chucking Hamster Kibble into his mouth and crunching loudly.<END SNIP>
"Dean?" asked Phil, stepping onto Dean's broken door door. WHere are you?"
"Under the smegging door!" came Dean's muffled reply, "Aand Jasmine's here too so I wouldn't recommend jumping on it. Yes, I know what you were thinking..."
"Aww..." said Jay, stepping off the door and lifting it off the floor, and Dean.
"Hey where's Jasmine?"
"Behind you," said Dean, dusting himself off and standing up.
"I know what I said." said Dean, "If I hadn't said it I'd be part of the floor by now."
"Point." said Phil
"It is rather a good one" said Jasmine, coming out from behind the pair.
"ARGH!" said 2 pilots, one half GELF, one hamster and a nurse. "ELEVATOR MUSIC!" yelled Jasmine
"TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF!" said Jay, writhing with agony on teh floor..
"THIS WAY!" yelled Dean gesturing at his locker, before handing out earplugs to everyone.
Then Dean held up a pencil and paper, "This is how'll we'll have to communicate" he wrote.
"What's Holly playing at?" wrote WW fervently.
Phil mde the universal sign for "Smeg knows."
"Anyone want a toastie?" wrote Dean.
Jay hit him.
Dean "Toastie" Thomas

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