Re: Disposal

Who: Eve, Keto, Brain
Where: Just outside the Waste Disposal Bay
When: Just as Keto's about to send Keto into the Waste Disposal Bay
<SNIP> "I guess so," shrugged the brain again, "I'm sure this whole
thing is just one big mistake. Heh, I guess I'm causing quite a bit of
trouble. Sorry about it all."
"Oh, don't worry," smiled Keto with everything except his eyes, "I'm
sure all the trouble will be solved soon."
After all, he mused as he held open the door to the waste disposal bay
for the little robot, the time for playing about with memory-reducing
medicinal drugs was past.
That robot was too much of a threat to continue to exist.<END SNIP>
"Dr. Keto what are you doing here?" Eve stepped out of the Waste
Disposal Bay, looking very surprised and dusting off her pants.
"I'm doing as Tara said, going into the madi-bay to wait for her" The
brain answered
"Okay" Eve was puzzled
"And what are you doing down here, Miss Rimmer?" The Dr Keto we all
know and Arh... love asked changing the subject
"Arh nothing... work... yeah arh work" Eve didn't want to answer
"Then that answers your question to me" Keto replied
"I can deal with that, now I'm going back to my lab that I never left"
"So you were never here and neither was I" Keto slowly put out his hand
to be shaken
"Agreed" Eve shook it
"Yes you were, we were all here, you Miss Rimmer, me Charles Keto and
Fronzel Neekburm" The brain stated
"Oh shut up" Keto looked very annoyed, Eve looked puzzled again.
Decided she wanted nothing to do with it and legged it.
"Arh bye, gotta get back to my lab" she called over her shoulder.
Ok it was short and not sweet, but I wanted to write at least
something, and i didn't wanna kill or not kill the brain in case i
stuffed things up so i just delayed whatever's happening next... also
added a twist of my own though... what was I doing in the waste
disposal bay ???

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