Indisposal (Ha. Ha. Ha.)

Who: Keto, Brain, Holly
Where: Waste Disposal Bay
When: Just before someone rescues the brain. This is a hint. Yes, you.
> "Yes you were, we were all here, you Miss Rimmer, me Charles Keto
> and Fronzel Neekburm," the brain stated.
> "Oh shut up" Keto looked very annoyed, Eve looked puzzled again.
> Decided she wanted nothing to do with it and legged it.
> "Arh bye, gotta get back to my lab" she called over her shoulder.
Keto cast one brief glance over his shoulder coupled with a faint
frown as he wondered (a) what precisely Eve Rimmer had been doing in
the Waste Disposal Bay and (b) whether she'd tell anyone HE'D been in
the Waste Disposal Bay.
Probably not, he decided.
"This isn't looking much like the medibay," said the robot,
sounding slightly puzzled, "Are you sure you know where we are, Mr
"This is a short cut," growled Keto, gritting his teeth. Dear God,
the thing was insufferable AS WELL as a liability! Walking into the
bay, he pointed towards the platform in the middle of the large room.
"You go and stand on that. It's an elevator that'll take us
straight up to the medibay."
"An elevator? I never saw one of those in the medibay..." murmured
the robot, as it went to stand on the platform.
"I had it put in last week. It's not officially open yet. Trust
me," said Keto, walking over to the control panel.
"Ooh, so I'll be the first person to go on it?"
"Probably," agreed Keto. After all, quite likely no other crew
members had been killed in the Waste Disposal.
This thought, coupled with Keto's naturally optimistic tone of
mind, caused him to call up Holly.
"What's up, Doc?"
"Is Cerebrum still alive?"
"Damn. That's all," muttered Keto, before remembering, "Oh, Holly?"
"What's up, Doc?"
"......can you please stop that? Before I kill you? Painfully?
With a chainsaw?"
"What can I do for you, Doctor Keto? Sir?"
"Better. What was Eve Rimmer doing in here a few minutes ago?"
"I don't think I'm allowed to tell you," said Holly.
"Why not?"
"Because there's a security lockdown."
"But you let me into the Waste Disposal bay!"
"Even polymorphs have to take the garbage out."
"I hate you. Besides, if I were the polymorph, from here I could
just get into the rubbish chutes coming from the dumbwaiters all over
the ship and get into any place I liked."
Holly's eyes widened as Keto said that.
"You're right!" he exclaimed, and suddenly alarms went off over the
"WHAT!? NO! HOLLY!" yelled Keto, "I'M NOT A POLYMORPH!"
The alarms stopped suddenly as Holly peered at him.
"How do I know?"
"If I was, I'd have changed into something that didn't have to put
up with your incessant whining prattle."
"Oh. Sorry. Well, just to be sure, I've told every three senior
members of the crew in every department that you're in here with a
brain in a robot. Or were."
"What do you mean, were?" asked Keto. Holly nodded.
"Your brain ran away gibbering when I said you were a polymorph."
Keto turned around to see a suspicious absence of brain, which
wasn't that much of a change after talking to Holly.
"...oh no," he murmured, before running off to find it again.
OOC: Tag. And no, I'm not going to kill the brain. Yet. ;)

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