Subtley works every time

Who: Lt Andromeda StarSystem with Captain White Wolf and Holly
Where: outside Holly's Main Computer
When: After the kaboom
Andromeda rounded the corner, drawn by the sound of the explosion. She
raised her eyebrow at the site on the floor and supressing a grin,
walked over and knealt down.
"In a spot of bother Captain?" The look was worth it and she stood,
gently kicking the door off him and helping him to his feet. He was
busy talking to Jay and she didn't want to disturb him, so went over
and examined the door he was trying to get into.
She shook her head in disgust.
"Amatuers. If you want something blown up, call the professionals. But
I have a better idea." Andromeda turned to find the Captain looking at
her and she smiled sweetly.
"Holly, are you there?"
A screen bloomed to life with Holly's face.
"What?" Andromeda smiled sweetly, her expression artfully innocent.
"Holly, mate, could you do us a favour and open your door please? I'd
really appreciate it."
"No, can't do that." Andromeda sidled up to him and pouted slightly.
"Aww, I thought we were mates, and mates help each other. I need to get
in there as I've left some of my 'things' in there for safe keeping and
I don't want them going off now do I? They'd cause you too much
Holly's expression became thoughtful - well, as thoughtful as he got.
Andromeda played her trump card.
"Please mate, I dont' want to see you get hurt.."
"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today, as it's already
tomorrow in Australia."

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