Conveniently Sliding

Who: Zodar
Where: A duct.
It looked cramped, dirty and dark, but it was the only way to get
into the Engineering Control Room with the lock down in effect.
Zodar had figured out that nothing actually worked on the ship and
decided to get up to the control room to run some diagnostics on the
ship's vital systems. Unfortunately, several sets of doors marking
the different sectors on the decks were locked down too and so Chris
did what every other member of the Blue Dwarf had learnt could be
done in such a situation. He used the ship's duct network.
He'd only used the ducts once before, and it was not his preferred
method of getting from A to B, but he figured it was his official
responsibility to get up there and check things out. He slid his huge
goggles down to cover his eyes, and made his way into one of the
nearby ducts.
After climbing up several unserviced pipes and getting soot and dust
all over his face, he finally emerged from a small grate in the floor
of the control room. Zodar lifted himself out and replaced the grate
into the hole in the floor.
The room was pitch black. Well, except for the faint red-orange glow
from a few systems that were still operational due to their high
priority status, like artificial grav, life support and engines, but
the room looked like someone had ordered silent running.
Zodar felt his way over to a console and checked the readout of the
ship's systems. Everything checked out as being fine.
There was still the matter of fuel to worry about, but Chris was sure
that he'd mentioned it to someone. It was actually quite amazing to
see how far a dwarfstar class mining vessel could travel on one pair
of underwear.
Zodar read aloud the list of other problems on the ship, "3 vending
machines on one level that have run out of all types of Chocolate
Bars, several melted doors," Zodar did a double take, then continued
the list, "One blown up drink vending machine in Disused Cargo Bay
56..." Zodar skipped this one and deleted the log entry nervously,
before reading out the last entry which had only just appeared, "And
one blow up rubber doll requires patching and pumping." Zodar looked
at the entry in disgust, "Who entered that... I'm sure as hell not
patching up someone's deflated love doll!"
"I'm afraid I entered that one Mr. Zodar" Came a voice from out of
Holly appeared on a nearby screen, the detatched head of a love doll
beside him.
"Dude, that's gross."
"What, aren't AI's allowed to have a little fun."
"Well I suppose all you can really do is kiss it..."
"Yes... Anyway, to the point. You aren't supposed to be here."
"I'm Chief Engineer and this is the Engineering Control Room."
"All areas have been secured to ensure the safety of the crew from
the polymorph. You have 10 seconds to get out of this area. I'm going
to pump knockout gas into the room regardless of whether you're in it
or not. Of course now you have only 5 seconds left because I've been
telling y..."
Zodar dropped to the ground, found a grate on the floor, opened it
and launched himself head-first down it, pulling his goggles down as
he did this. The grate he'd chosen wasn't exactly the one he'd popped
out of earlier...
-Meanwhile, In the Drive Room-
Jay stopped what he was doing for a second.
"Do you hear that?"
The sound of someone sliding down a long pipe from the Engineering
Control Room to the Drive Room at an insane speed while
yelling "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" got louder and louder until, with
a small crash, Zodar flew out of a floor level duct vent on the wall
of the Drive Room.
He was completely coated in black dirt and soot when he picked
himself up off the floor. He pulled his goggles up off his face,
revealing the relatively clean skin it had protected, two neatly
formed circular patches on his face.
"Jay, You have GOT to try that sometime! Woo!" Zodar said, staggering
off to sit down and recover.
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- Chris/Zodar

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