The hamster calls for a meeting! (Short post...)

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Who: Lt Andromeda StarSystem, Captain White Wolf, Cain and Holly
Where: outside Holly's Main Computer
When: After Andromeda's attempt to open the door
"If you need acccess to the main computer then all you need to do is
ask me." Cain said in a cold yet arrognat manner. "Nowhere is
closed to me."
<end Snip>
"Just a moment Jay, I think Cain is suggesting something to try."
said White Wolf muting his phone, then turned towards Cain and
said, "Go ahead and take a shot at it, Cain."
Cain stepped up the second door, and swiped his security card through
the authentication slot.
"Zzzzztttt. Sorry Mr. Cain, I can't allow you access either, you
might also be a poly-giga-wha'macallit too. Besides, with AI
personality like the one in your ship I don't think I'd want you in
my core when there isn't a security lock down..." Said Holly
appearing on a nearby wall monitor.
Cain growled and clenched his fist a bit, then spinning on his heel
while reaching into his breast pocket for some device, he
muttered, "Then I'll just have to hack my way in."
"Well, In that case, will you please accept my apologies for what I'm
about to do then to prevent you." Said Holly.
"Yeee-ouch! That must have really stung..." Remarked Andromeda
looking at the smoking, spikey haired Cain only left wearing some
shredded shorts and holding some melted plastic in one hand, after
Holly Zotted a energy charge through the floor plating at him.
"Okay, go ahead Jay...", said the huge hamster as he unmuted his
phone, "Ah huh... That's good news... Do we have fuel for the
Starbugs... Ah huh... okay, I'm on my way. Why don't you round up
everybody for a department head meeting? Cause we're gonna have to
formulate an distribute a supply shortage action plan seeing that we
aren't getting where with Holly here at the moment. Plus and he's
getting a little too dangerous for comfort since, Cain nearly got
like a hot dog by 'im."
{OOC Note to all players: Holly has to stay in locked down status
until further notice! Our next plot somewhat requires him to stay
that way, so any attempt to bring Holly completely out of his
security lock down must fail.}
- White Wolf

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