Novembers SOTM!

Well, the month of November was certainly pretty active, posting
wise. Well over a dozen of our members were heavily involved with the
Polymorph action plot, as well as a myriad of subplots which were
really good. Which made my 'short list' not so short... to put it
After going through my so called 'short list' of people which
included Mini-Phil, Joanne Pieades, Kara, Canazza, & Andromeda
StarSystem, (who all deserve an honorable mention for their posts!) a
few more times and re-reading their posts until I came upon the one
that I thought tipped the scales.
And believe it or not, it was a funny picture that did it- Of Uber
Scutter Elwood...
Congratulations Elwood, You earned Novembers Simmer of The Month with
that picture! (It was simply the icing on the cake)
Plus, at someone's suggestion, I'm adding a little incentive of sorts
for winning next months award. December's SoTM will award January's
SOTM! (That's right, if you win next months award, you'll decide who
wins the following months award).
- White Wolf
JMC Blue Dwarf, Captain

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