Flee Blackmail

Who: Trisees, Cerebrum, Keto
Where: Waste Disposal Bay
When: After Trisees bit of arm-snappage
> "Let me guess, it hides a dark secret and we need to acquire it
> before any more trouble is caused/leaked/somethinged?"
> Keto nodded.
> Trisees sighed.
> "Right, lets go," he said.
Keto hesitated for a second as Trisees turned to walk away, making
a very fast decision.
"Lawrence, I need a word," he murmured, stepping forward and
tapping Trisees on the shoulder, "Preferably somewhere without much
chance for blackmail."
"Blackmail?" asked Cerebrum, his ears catching the most important
word, "And you still haven't answered my question about what you're
doing down here after that robot."
"Go and play with the waste chute," growled Keto, "That's none of
your business."
"Actually," said Cerebrum, "According to this bit of paper,
everything's my business now, so long as I lurk in the shadows while
I'm taking care of it."
"You're not lurking in the shadows now."
"I'm on break."
"Look," sighed Keto, "There's a perfectly simple way to work this
Suddenly he pushed Cerebrum backwards and turned on his heel,
running out of the waste disposal bay as quickly as he could and
dragging Trisees after him.
"You mind telling me what this is all about?" asked Trisees as they
ran randomly along corridors, Cerebrum quickly recovering from being
put off-balance behind them.
"Not here," replied Keto, "Look, I'll meet you in the AR suite
where we can talk privately. But it needs to be fast - I can't let
Cerebrum or Cleavage find that brain!"
"What the frell does Cleavage have to do with this?" frowned
"Later. AR suite three, five minutes. Be there," said Keto
shortly, before diving off down a side corridor.
"The things I do with a broken limb," growled Trisees.
OOC: Tag! I'm not deliberately cutting you out, Ben - you're welcome
to 'accidentally' eavesdrop on Keto and Trisees' conversation, but
Keto's trying to keep this whole thing a secret so I had to make him
TRY to lose Cerebrum! ;)
And congratulations Elwood on the SoTM!

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