Re: Flee Blackmail

> "Not here," replied Keto, "Look, I'll meet you in the AR suite
> where we can talk privately. But it needs to be fast - I can't let
> Cerebrum or Cleavage find that brain!"
> "What the frell does Cleavage have to do with this?" frowned
> Trisees.
> "Later. AR suite three, five minutes. Be there," said Keto
> shortly, before diving off down a side corridor.
> "The things I do with a broken limb," growled Trisees.
Tara had left Jay dealing with the supply shortage on the command
deck and was crawling through the ducts looking for the medi-bay.
Seen as her sense of direction was not the best she was totally lost.
"Where the frell am I" She said looking through the grates in the
sides of the vents. "Stupid smegging ship!" She said hitting the side
of the wall. "Ouch! God Damnit!" This went on for a while. A while
being too long for Tara. She jumped out of the vent and landed on the
floor with a heavy thud. She heard a noise at the door as someone was
trying to force it open. Tara looked around her, she was in the AR
"Holly open this door!" Keto yelled at the AI.
"Smeg" Muttered Tara looking around for a suitable place to hide. She
dived behind a computed bank just as Keto kicked the door and came
flying through as Holly opened it 'For a laugh'. Keto began to pace
the room.
"What is this all about Keto?" Said Trisees who as he so frequently
did appeared from nowhere.
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