Posty incentives aka Hamlet

OOC: the picture swung the award in my direction? well that's just
unfair - there are many more talented RPers here than myself, and
everyone is more active too. i mean, hoorah for me and all that, plus
hearty thanks to the entire group, but hopefully i'll find the time
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wait... guilty... oh nooo- *gets attacked by a polymumble*
WHO: Elwood, a demi-mysterious pile of wreckage and Holly
WHERE: Airlock A47
WHEN: not often enough
Holly's reply was flat, to the point, and exactly the same as the
last 95 times he'd answered.
"But..." Elwood said, staring at the monitor; "I'm not a polymorph!"
"Ahhh, you would say that" the AI replied, a knowing smirk fixed on
his face; "You're trying to decieve me... you're not even Elwood!"
"I aaaaaaaammmmm!" the uber-skut whined; "I somehow acquired extra
body parts... I'm still Elwood"
"How what?"
"How did you get extra body parts?"
"Why are you asking?"
"Why are you questioning me?"
"Aren't we playing a questions only game?"
"What makes you think that?"
"Haven't you noticed we're only asking questions?"
"I know I am, but what are you?"
"I know I am, but what are you?"
"I'm Elwood... damn"
Holly's smirk became a smile.
"Haha... I win"
"But we weren't playing a game!"
"Yes we were... and you lost, so I won't open the inner airlock door"
Elwood turned away for a few seconds, letting his gaze focus on the
trolley of wreckage he'd dragged from the massacre. He HAD to get rid
of the skutter carcasses.
"Holly..." Elwood said suddenly, turning back to the screen and
waving a clawed hand; "You will open the airlock door"
"I will open the airlock door..."
"You don't need to see my identification"
"I don't need to see your identification..."
"I'm not the polymorph you're looking for"
"You're not the polymorph I'm looking for... so... you must be a
polymorph I'm not looking for"
"But you would say that..."
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