Re: Posty incentives aka Hamlet

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> OOC: the picture swung the award in my direction? well that's just
> unfair - there are many more talented RPers here than myself, and
> everyone is more active too. i mean, hoorah for me and all
> that, plus
> hearty thanks to the entire group, but hopefully i'll find the time
> to post more often... that way, i won't feel so guilty for winning.
> wait... guilty... oh nooo- *gets attacked by a polymumble*
OOCR: Jon, I must clarify the SOTM award isn't given based on the
quantity of posts anyone has made. But rather, the individual
qualities, such as how Imaginitive, Engaging, and Humorous the posts
are. As well as, how much work or effort a player put into the
contribution for the sim is also factored in.
Handing out the SOTM award is kind of like judging peoples work
at a arts & craft fair, the judges are more likely to hand out an
award to someone who's taken the time to hand carve a really
beautiful creation, rather than someone who just plops down something
that was assembled using a mass produced model kit.
That's why you earned it - your picture showed you put in some
extra effort. And the fact that you expressed a bit of humility
saying that you don't think you deserved it that much, just proves
all the more to me, that I've made the right choice for the winner!
- White Wolf

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