Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Revelations (Part One)

> The dust was a very treacherous thing to anybody trying to hide in
> dark corners, and Tara had only been able to suppress a sneeze so
> long.
> "...who's there?" demanded both Trisees and the man at once.
So, Keto isn't Keto, Cerebrum thought to himself, writing that down in his
pad. Think of the possibilites of being able to black mail a man who could
surgically implant one person's brain in another body. He could well, no,
not himself. Going under the scalpal of a man whom you had blackmail
evidence on wasn't the brightest of ideas.
Screw it, he'd figure it out later. He just kept listening, and waiting to
see what would be revealed next.

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