Revelations 1:12 And Jacob said...

Who: The Man, Trisees, and Unknowns.
Where: AR Suite
- - -
After a moments of protracted silence, both Keto and Trisees
relaxed, and returned
to their seated position.
"Probably no one," said the man, scratching his goatee.
"No one?" enquired Trisees, raising an eyebrow and squinting
around. "Look, where do we go from here, and what do I call you?"
he added.
The man formerly known as Keto opened his mouth about to speak
when the monotonal voice of Holly interrupted them both and his
giant face appeared on a screen behind them. They turned around.
"Lawrence," Holly said. "This is a recording. I was shut down
moments ago by the crew, but before this happened, Nurse Coffey
asked me to record this message and play it to you. Your skills in
piloting are vital to the success of the retrieval of Doctor
Shakespeare. Coffey needs your help."
Holly's face stayed there for a moment before shaking and
realisng. "Oh yeah, off."
He disappeared and once again the two doctors were alone.
"You're not going to help, are you?" asked The Man.
"Yes, I have to," said Trisees, uncertain as to why he did.
"I have a weird feeling about this,"
Trisees stood up and walked towards the door of the AI suite.
Opening it, he took a step through before turning back to the former
Keto. "Don't worry, I'm on your side," he said before nodding
and walking forward.
<to be continued>
<ooc: Yeah, , it's a short post, I'm kinda moving back to England,
so I have to extricate Trisees and Shakes from anything important
because I won't be able to use them until I have net again, just an
advance warning.>

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