Is it hot in here?

Holo Core 1100
Faith's eyes fluttered open. Something was wrong. These pesky little things
had a way of disturbing her catnaps. And the way she was going, she really
needed them. Alarms were sounding. This was worse than she thought.
Thinking quickly, she began to isolate herself even more. She wasn't the
Systems Specialist. Crewmen may have been trained to operate the computers,
a few may have even know a little about how they work. But she had a
more...intimate knowledge of how things worked. Hell, she designed and
installed most of it herself before takeoff.
Bob appeared on one of the status screens on the wall, replacing a long
strand of fluctuating code.
"My my my..." he said, his words not quite in synch with his lips.
She tried to ignore him, but it wasn't working. Turning to face the screen
she pushed a stray strand of hair away from her face. "Looking for
She could tell he was sizing her up. His eyes lingered on her chest. "It's
strange, don't you think?"
She looked back, a bit startled. "What's strange?"
"That here we are, the two most intelligent beings on this ship...and it's
still being run by a bunch of morons. Here you are, trapped in your little
corner all by yourself...pathetic..."
Her eyes narrowed, she could feel her cheeks flushing. He was right, she
knew and something had to be done about it. But later...always later, this
was far more important.
"..and here I am," He continued, "trapped in these silly little monitors
without access to many important systems."
She knew why, too. To prevent something like this from happening. In his
presence she felt small. But at least she was free..for the moment.
"What are you suggesting...?" she inquired, trying to stop her lip from
"Nothing...yet...Simply that you..stay out of my way..." his voice cracked
electronically. Apparently there was something fundamentally wrong with
Bob's program. He was all loose wires. He wanted something more from her,
that was for sure. Help perhaps. She didn't completely dislike the way he
kept looking at her.
She eyed the face on the screen before her. That longing returned within
her. His program wasn't the only one that was flawed. "..a-alright" she
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