Niples-"A mini-disaster waiting to happen"

Ambassador Niples
Parotts bar, Promenade
Ambassador Niples awoke to the feel of a wet cloth patting his head, the
last thing he remebered was fainting after a misunderstanding with the
Ambassadors, stress was really getting to him there days, especially when an
important delegate of Earth's poshest snobs came aboard who he felt he had
an obligation to impress with his knowledge of literature, fine wines, cous
cous and cricket.
Phil was patting his head with a damp cloth which smelled like it was last
use to remove the vomit stains and hairs from the rim of the gents toilet.
"GOOD GOD!" he said pushing Phil away. "Where are the Ambassadors? Where....
where....where are they?!!!" He shook Phil frantically and ran to the door,
and back again.
"its okay its okay." Phil said calmly. "MP is looking after them."
"MP??!!! MP?!!!! Are you mad, man?!" Seymour bellowed. "Where are they?
He'll do something to them... I can tell. They don't understand this world,
they live in a world where politics, newspapers and potted geraniums are
important! the Blue Dwarf is no place for them, MP will get them killed!!!
Where has he taken them?"
"Relax Ambassador, he's only taken them golfing."
Seymour let out a slight sigh. "Golfing....oh, well thats okay then, they
cant get into much danger golfing..." Then his panic came back.
"Hang on.....golfing where?"
Suddenly a security message came through to Phil's walkie-talkie. "We have
an unauthorised access to outer air lock 2..."
knees and sobbed.
<space golf anyone?>
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