Another interupption

"Ah"  Jay shook his head and just signed the clipboard anyway. "Can you get a messgae to the captain and your dad for me?" he asked the teenager. "Tell hem Kara and I found something they might wanna check out on a planet we passed on the way back here...."
----- oh er missus -----
Phil was about to say a very rude word when his mobile rang...
"Dad, It's Amber..Jay's back on board and he told me to tell you that they found something very intresting on a nearby planet..."
"Right -oh...Err Amber I can you do me a favor before Ambasaddor Niples has a heart attack...Go and stop him playing Golf with the ambassadors..."
"But Dad, the last time Mini-dad played golf he went outsde the...oh dear...I see what you mean...I'll get right on it......"
Phil left the gibbering ambasador alone with a bottle of finest don peignon(sod spelling) and headed towards the main hanger to meat with Jay...
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