Well, don't hit me babes!

Jasmine made her way quickly to McDonalds."I'd like to speak with Mrs Richards please." Jasmine announced as she entered the resturant.
"Well, she's on the phone, hang on, I'll ask her how long she'll be." said Dean, turning round and heading into the office. 2 minetus later, he returned ashen-faced. "She's returning me to eBay. Apparently I'm defective."
"Aw. babe! That's excellent!" said Jasmine, huggin him.
"What? That I'm defective?"
"No that you're being returned, I can buy you this time."
"Or I could get Keto to certify that I'm alive, then I would be taken off the list."
"That would work too."
"What's his comm?"
"Erm.. I dunno, Ah, it's written down on this piece of paper."
"Gosh. How handy."
Dean dialled in the number.
"Keto? How would you like to certify me as being alive? I can offer to put some money towards your debts..."
"Well, that's that sorted." said Jasmine, closing the door of her quarters, with Dean only just making it thourhg before they slid shut.
"So, where were we?" he asked, smiling. "Oh, wait."
"What?" asked Jasmine, perplexed
"Holly? Privacy mode please." said Dean, smiling ever more broadly.
"Certainly Dave." said the computer
"I'm not Dave!"
"Whatever." The bald bonce faded out.
"Now, as I said before we were so rudely interrupted..." said Jasmine, a glint in her eye...
Dean "FREE!" Thomas

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