Enough Is More Than Enough

Who: Keto, Cerebrum, Mimes, Dean via Comm
Where: Psychiatric Office
When: Blergh.
"You do realize, of course, that I'm the
one who's trying to carry out some nefarious plots here? I need
It's not my fault, my hands are tied." He failed to mention that the
gave him all the money he needed, and the only reason he was
Keto because he liked aggravating people.
"YOU need funding!? I'M running a medical facility that is vital
to my bank bal...I mean, to the safety of this very vessel! And are
you aware of just how much damage could be done by someone
inexperienced getting their hands on some of my ointments? If that
miniature FeBuggure got his...its...hands on Ointment #75684, for
example?" snapped Keto.
"Not sure I'm with that one."
"It eats through stuff," muttered Keto sulkily, "Though I think we
were lucky in that case. I think that was one of the items Cleavage
"Look," said Cerebrum, "I'm not an unreasonable person. Just give
me everything you have ever owned and any asset that you have access
to, and I'll stop blackmailing you."
"Oh, that's SO generous of you!"
"Well, not really. What's the point in blackmailing someone with
no money?"
"I'VE GOT NO MONEY ANY MORE!" screeched Keto, and was about to
continue when his communicator bleeped. He picked it up.
"Keto? How would you like to certify me as being alive? I can offer
to put some money towards your debts..."
"Who's that?" asked Cerebrum as Keto blinked at the communicator.
"Nobody," lied the doctor, before stating briefly, "Done. I'll
take your offer. You're officially alive," and then hanging up.
"So, my next payment..." began Cerebrum.
"No more payments," growled Keto, "You wouldn't dare tell the
captain anyway. I'm sure he has more important matters to deal with
than this."
"Than the head of one of his departments being an imposter and
therefore a major security threat, not to mention a possible spy who
is completely unqualified to perform his job?"
"To be fair, the latter part of that sentence could apply to you as
well. In fact, the lack of qualifications could match any member of
this crew."
"Point," agreed Cerebrum.
"You can't get anything more from me. It's not as if I have a lot
left at the moment," stated Keto, trying to avoid thinking about the
possible income from Dean, and the equipment recently returned to him.
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