Wake up.

<SNIP> She laid her head back down on the bar with a loud thump and blacked out...next thing she knew...she didn't know where she was. She looked around the unfamiliar room...it was someone's quarters as far as she could tell...but none she could recognize. She was lying on a bed...fully clothed...but under the blankets. "What the smeg is going on?" she asked herself. <END SNIP>Eve came out the kitchen with two coffee's, one in each hand."Oh good your awake now." She said to Alexis, who was only just awake."Arh, Eve... Hi... thanks" She said as she took the mug and sipped some coffee. "Where am I?""My quarters" Eve smiled and sat down on a chair near the bed, Ares jumped up and sat on her lap." I thought you shared your quarters with Ms Starbolt, this place looks alot different." Alexis said sitting up."I moved out, there's the whole her and Dean thing going on and I never wanna have to walk in on that.""Oh. ... So why am I here instead of my own quarters?""Holly wouldn't let me in, silly git""Oh. ... And why am I no longer in Parrotts.""Well you passed out, and there is now an alcohol ban that has been placed on the ship for the moment so Parrotts is closed for the time being. You were sent to my office, seeing as I'm in charge of you, they didn't know where your quarters were. I couldn't get you into your own quarters so I brought you here.""Thanks Eve. I better get going, but thanks." Alexis put the mug down on a nearby table and got up and started heading for the door."Arh, Eve... Where have you been lately?""That's personal" Eve snapped back quickly.Eve Lola Rimmer/Jenni<TAG> You can stay or go or whatever.Add photos to your e-mail with MSN 8. Get 2 months FREE*.

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