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Posting for Lace (ha ha ha, I can screw things up for Dean.... damn Lace said no.)<SNIP>"Well, that's that sorted." said Jasmine, closing the door of her quarters, with Dean only just making it thourhg before they slid shut. "So, where were we?" he asked, smiling. "Oh, wait." "What?" asked Jasmine, perplexed "Holly? Privacy mode please." said Dean, smiling ever more broadly. "Certainly Dave." said the computer "I'm not Dave!" "Whatever." The bald bonce faded out. "Now, as I said before we were so rudely interrupted..." said Jasmine, a glint in her eye...<END SNIP>"Yessss..." Dean moved behind Jasmine, kissing her neck."The thought came to me that we've been dating for a while and yet this is the only time we've really been alone.""Your right, so what do you wanna do?" Dean contined kissing the side and the back of Jasmine's neck, with one hand he began undoing the buttons on his shirt."Lets play.... Monopoly" A wicked grin formed on her face."WHAT!" Dean pulled away, "We're finally alone and you wanna play MONOPOLY?!?!" Dean couldn't believe his ears."Dean, honey I was joking." Jasmine turned to Dean and tore off his shirt."Hey that was a good shirt." Dean whined."So's this" Jasmine ripped open her own and pulled it off. "Lights off"<TAG>Jenni writing for Lace or better known to you lot as Jasmine Starbolt.MSN 8 with e-mail virus protection service: 2 months FREE*

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