Well its time to announce January's SOTM.
First I should point out that no matter how good Dean/Chris' posts
were he shall not be getting an award, people might think I was doing
him a favour, so sorry honey you'll have to try for February's one.
I also didn't choose Eve/Jenni or Zodar/Chris, my best friend and her
character's boyfriend… but neither of them posted during January
anyway so that made that easy.
Jay and White Wolf although great writers are not receiving the award
either, I don't want to appear as though I'm sucking up.
By now I'm guessing you're all thinking enough of who's not getting
it, who is…
Well too bad I have more people to mention first.
Phil's, Tara's, Cerebrum's, Kara's, Canazza's and Elwood's posts have
been a good read and laugh too in January as always and I couldn't
have posted this message without adding that.
While I'm here I'll also add, thanks alot Zack and Cubie for buying
my boyfriend :( I have him back now so I'm not too mad, but the fact
you took him from me in the first place means no award for you :P
Or should it be because now I have him back :P
But I'm afraid the post doesn't go to any of the above people it goes
to the person below… A man we all love to hate, and are being
surprised by him more and more lately, yes you've guessed it, well
for those of you who haven't I'll tell you anyway… Dr Keto!
Keto's posts have been most entertaining, though I should point out
that forgetting that I was on his medical team was a bad move.
Well that's all from me, I have to get back to Dean, I left him alone
in my quarters, he's probably tried on all my clothes twice already.
Jasmine Starbolt Nurse and Fitness Trainer
Lace Chambers :)

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