A strange occurance involving a penguin.

McGellen walked into her room. She had a raging headache. She tried
everything and it wouldn't go away. She looked in the mirror at herself and
fiddled with her H. "You're bored." A voice said. She darted arund and
checked the room. "Who is it?" She asked.
"You don't know yet but when you do you'll have fun for sure."
"Where are you?"
"Look in the mirror."
Kara looked in the mirror once more and just saw herself. "I don't get it."
She said. "I'm inside of you." The voice said.
"Don't worry you haven't had too much to drink."
"Then what are you?"
"I was that pounding headache but soon I'll make you something more."
"Who do you think you are?"
"You already know my name. Cause you will choose it for me."
Kara backed up. Her head began to pound and sting with pain. "What are you
doing to me?" She asked. "My name is Flibble. We're going to have lots of
fun." The voice laughed.
(This is a joke. Don't think I'm stupid I'm bored.)
Smeg On, Captain Emerald.
"You can spend your whole life looking for fairy's and only find the
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