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"Yes...Must be something to do with the Hymonttrasp....hymonn...bugger it...these bugs....Feels a bit liek that time I tried to kill tara...but not as intensse..."
"Well...try and keep it under control man" said Jay "Or I'll book you a session with Cerebrum" Jay looked at the chocolate in his hand, and tossed it to one side, it left green coconut on his fingers, which he disposed of by brushing his hands together.
Phil just plain ate the chocolates.
Evil Jay looked around the group, a smirk fixing on his face. "I think thats a good palce to end the proceedings for today." he said "I feel we have accomplished much, I'll dispatch an Escort to return you to your ship, and tomorrow we shall address some more minor details about this..alliance, Have a good evening ladies and gentlemen."
Jay was out of the door before he even realised it, his fingers were still covered in the green powder from the chocolates it didnt seem to want to budge no matter how many times he brushed his hands together, on his flight suit, on the walls and carpets...being the master of ettiquette that he was.
Within a few minutes the starbug was taking off again, on a return course for the Blue Dwarf.
"Dammit Phil...whats the hell is the green stuff?" Jay muttered from the pilots seat, "Its doing ym head in..seems to be spreading no matter what I do!"
"I dunno..but it tasted alright.."
"Yeh well, I wasnt stupid enough to eat it"
"You calling me stupid?"
"What if I am?"
"I'll flush you out the smegging airlock thats what"
"And who'd fly the 'bug then moron?...you on the other hand are less useful at the moment...." Jay said..reaching for his sidearm.
"What the hell am I doing?" he said, realising what he was about to do "Sorry man...guess I lost it for a minute there.."
"Me too buddy..no worries..." With that, Phil left the cockpit and Jay went back to flying, gazing idly at the green dust on his fingers.
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