Must be the wrong side of the bed kinda thing

"What the hell am I doing?" he said, realising what he was about to do "Sorry man...guess I lost it for a minute there.."
"Me too worries..." With that, Phil left the cockpit and Jay went back to flying, gazing idly at the green dust on his fingers.
Look at him....thinks he soooooooo smart just cos he can fly this rust bucket
"Oh god....not again...."
"You what Phil?"
He prentends to be your freind, but he's only doing it cos he's scared of you...
"stop it !"
"Dint' say anything..." replied Jay
We we get back to the dwarf, we can dispose of done it before you can do it again....and we can get rid of that giant furball you call a captain as well, then the ship will be yours...after all doing the XO in was a master stroke....
Phil sat in silence and just stared at the back of Jays head and glared...
** Meanwhile in the cockpit **

"Oh god....not again...."
"You what Phil?"
Oh great...Mr I think I'm Sooooooooooo smart is going loco....he's not worth the hassle...remeber what he did to your wife....
<<tag jay>>
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