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Oh great...Mr I think I'm Sooooooooooo smart is going loco....he's not worth the hassle...remember what he did to your wife....
Jay scowled as this thought passed through his mind, and just for a laugh, he fired the reverse thrusters at full power, causing the starbug to suddnely stop, sending Phil, Mini-Phil and the ambassadors hurtling forward, Phil hitting the wall first at great velocity, followed by the ambassadors who landed on top of him, the Mini-Phil who's feet managed to find their way to Phils groin.
Jay chuckled to himself and started landing procedures. 
About half an hour Jay was on the promenade. Phils voice came from behind him.
Jay spun around "Whats up?"
"You did that on purpose earlier..I would have said something sooner but it took a while for my voice to drop enough octaves to be audible by human ears"
"Dont be stupid man, you really think I'd waste time and fuel to pull of a stunt like that?"
"So you're calling me stupid again?"
"Well you seem to be reinforcing it"
Neither Jay nor Phil had realsied they were still covered in the green dust, that was slowly seeping in through their skin.
"Im warning you Chrysler..." Phil said, with a hint of malice in his voice,
"Yeah?...well..I'm not even gonna waste my tiem giving you a warning!" with that he swung at Phil, hitting him at full strength with a right hook, knocking Phil off balance, and then followed it up with a left hook.
Phil glared at Chrysler, then lunged at him, jabbing with his right hand to Jays chest then an uppercut to his chin.
Passers-by stopped what they were doing and began to run in, trying to stop the Executive Officer and the Cheif of Navigation from killing each other, the green dust particles getting thrown all over the place, breathed in, smeared onto skin, spread into the air ducts.
Jay punched a first technician who tried to pull him away from Phil, one of Jays own navigation staff in turn punched Jay, and then recieved an uppercut from a supplies officer.
A similar story was unfolding in Phil's point of view, he'd hit somone, get him by someone else, and it would spread,  every retaliating to everyone elses attacks.
After a few minutes the promenade was consumed with a full scale riot, the kind not seen since Jay had emptied the alcohol tanks following the splashlanding.
Jay flew backwards through a shop wndow. He'd later tell people he leapt through to rescue someone from an attack forma  psychopathic McDonalds worker who had got ensnared in the riot when in fact he'd been thrown through by Penny Lloyd, unfortunatley..the store was a sporting goods retailer, and Jay was soon charging out the door brandishing a pair of titanium 3 woods, where he began decimating people who got in his way.
Phil, had had the misfortune of being thrown, again by Penny Lloyd throught the window of a hardware store, and was know ploughing through the crowd in a ride on lawnmower, wielding a spirit level like a sword.
A large group of security officers burst through the doors, in riot gear. "STAND DOWN!!!! YOU ARE ALL UNDER ARREST!" came the voice of one of Mini-Phil's Lieutenants.
"BITE ME YOU FACIST COPPER!!!" screamed Lloyd, ironically, as she herself was a 'fascist copper'.
A loud clicking was heard as around the rioting crowd grenade launchers loaded with gas grenades were primed, safetys removed and aimed.
"Now...are you guys gonna come quietly?"
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"What the hell am I doing?" he said, realising what he was about to do "Sorry man...guess I lost it for a minute there.."
"Me too worries..." With that, Phil left the cockpit and Jay went back to flying, gazing idly at the green dust on his fingers.
Look at him....thinks he soooooooo smart just cos he can fly this rust bucket
"Oh god....not again...."
"You what Phil?"
He prentends to be your freind, but he's only doing it cos he's scared of you...
"stop it !"
"Dint' say anything..." replied Jay
We we get back to the dwarf, we can dispose of done it before you can do it again....and we can get rid of that giant furball you call a captain as well, then the ship will be yours...after all doing the XO in was a master stroke....
Phil sat in silence and just stared at the back of Jays head and glared...
** Meanwhile in the cockpit **

"Oh god....not again...."
"You what Phil?"
Oh great...Mr I think I'm Sooooooooooo smart is going loco....he's not worth the hassle...remeber what he did to your wife....
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