The vaccine

> "Oh Groovy, I'm about to streak the Hymenoptera..." Mumbled Dean
> bringing up the rear.
"I've got a hunch that that's some sort of biological weapon," Cerebrum
said, as they ran.
"Why?" Dean asked.
"Because my orders stated that the hymnoptera were going to use a bio
"What orders?" WW asked. "I didn't issue any orders like that."
"No, you didn't. My bosses did," Cerebrum replied, as they ran deeper into
the hive.
"I'm your captain, you lunatic."
"Well, since you're involved now, I guess I'll tell you," Cerebrum stated,
as they ducked dwon a corridor a corridor as a dozen soldiers raced by. "I'm
a member of the Agency of Secret Security, ASS for short."
"Never heard of it," WW mused.
"Of course you haven't, we're the Agency of SECRET security, not everybody
knows about us security. Anyway, my official rank is Agency of Secret
Security Holistic Operative Liasion Expert, here's my card."
He tossed a business card to WW, who snatched it and read it: Dr Patrick
Cerebrum, ASSHOLE.
"Due to my previous actions with the hymnoptera, I've got several citations
giving me a fairly high rank. I'm proud to say that I'm the biggest asshole
within twenty parsecs. Anyway, as I was saying, my orders from ASS stated
that there was a risk of bio weapon deployal, so they provided me with a
vaccine. Unfortunately, I've only got enough for one person, so catch."
He took a syringe out of his pocket, and tossed it behind him. As WW and
Dean tried to grab it, Cerebrum removed another syringe and injected himself
with the contents. "Hey, this syringe is empty," came the shout from behind

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