Science Officer on patrol

Eve had gone straight to the science labs to busy herself with work, after she had given the Medical team the needed blood for Tara. She didn't want to think about Tara and Alota laying in the Medi-Bay, motion-less and under Keto's care, so work seemed the best thing for it.
She started off doing some paper work, waking up hours later drool puddled on the top report which was also the biggest 'Mini Phil's Phil, Science Departments copy'. She wiped the corner of her mouth,"Bugger, fell asleep." She said wearily, it wasn't that MP's file was boring, quite the opposite really, its just that paper work in general was boring, what Eve needed was some practical work, but she hadn't been assigned anything in ages, and her last few experinces had gone wrong, only because others were stupid and rude enough to touch her things."Holly" She drummed her fingers on the desk waiting "HOLLY" Getting louder unhappy that she had, had no response "HEY, BALD-HEADED GIT" "What?" Holly appeared and unphased by what she had called him"What's happening on this rust bucket, any away missions.""One away mission, Peace talks with those bug thingys""Excellent, they need a science officer for that, when's it leave Hol?""They just got back""What, why wasn't I informed earlier""Sorry I didn't know you needed to know when Starbugs land.""Not the landing Holly, the fact that there was an away mission organised""Forgot I guess""Forgot you guess.... I have a good mind to re-wire you, teach you a thing or two" She paused, once again Holly was unphased by her implied insults "Find out if the Captain needs me for anything now they're back""He's not aboard""Well ask Phil or Jay then.""What's the magic word?""NOW"Holly disappeared, while he was gone Eve put Mp's file back in the safe with Jays, Phils and a few other fiels which contained people who had undergone some weird scenice like experciences, okay like nearly all the crew were in there, but it was still under code and keycard, the captain and herself the only two able to obtain the files. The less people who knew the things that really went on in this ship the better for everyone involved."Jay and Phil are a bit too busy to answer your question.""Why?""They've started a riot""That's not like.... wait is there still an alcohol ban?""Yeap""Hmmm, either way... I'm heading up there, it doesn't seem right somehow."When Eve got to the Promenade she was quite surprised to see gas grenades flying, glass shattered, shops smashed and Phil waving a ChainSaw."This isn't right at all." Eve shook her head, noticing that the air was ladened with not only the normal dust that filled the ship, and gas that was dispensing from the grenades but green particles were floating in the air she also noticed that it was on most peoples clothes and skin."This isn't right at all... Oh great I'm repeating myself now" She rolled her eyes as she put her hand in her left pocket and pulled out some glad wrap and wiped it through the air, carefully putting it into a plastic bag she ran off  back to the labs, hoping she hadn't breathed in too much off the werid stuff.She wondered as she ran if she should put the whole ship on Red alert, or Blue alert at least, though if her theory was right, Brown alert was what was called for.<Will post lab time later, this is getting too long and I have to go, hope its okay Andy>Hotmail now available on Australian mobile phones. Click here for more.

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