Operation: Market Leader

Who: Cerebrum and Keto,
Where: Psychiatric And Medical Starbug (Commandeered, admittedly, but one
must remember that possession is nine tenths of the law)
When: Given that time and space is infinite, and that empty space existed
before the universe came into existence, and will exist after it ends for an
infinite period of time, we are currently at the half-point of the
time-space continuum, given that there's an infinite amount of time both
ahead and behind us. Or maybe not.
> "...GETTING THROUGH this route, on the other hand..." continued
> Cerebrum after a while.
"Yes, it is dangerous," Cerebrum admitted. "But how dangerous, would you
say, in comparison to letting the idiots back on the Starbug mess around
with out DNA."
"I thought I said to stop asking stupid rhetorical questions," stated Dr
"Oh, yeah. Now, what makes this thing turn?" muttered Cerebrum. "Maybe I
should skip my pill and hope to hallucinate that I'm a skilled pilot."
"With my luck, you'd hallucinate you were a kamikaze," snapped Keto in

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