Clearing things up

Who: Eve (still herself) Jay (an Albatross) Dean (a Capuchin albino
Monkey) Alota (still herself) Tara (naked + made of a jelly like
water substance) Phil (now MP) MiniPhil (still himself) <Oh dear god
we have 2 now!!!> Amber (a Sheep) Zodar (Fire Dragon) Keith (a rock,
Quartzoid) Canazza (a Pink Tree) Keats (still himself) Jack (still
When: After we all saw Tara naked, you know we all did.
Where: Green November, at the DNA modthingy-dodah.
The seventeen-year-old Head Science Officer stared down at the
symbols and then back around at the room, Eve couldn't believe what
she had done to the crew.
Alota, Amber, Phil and MiniPhil were standing by her half-sister
Tara trying to keep her calm, though the latter too had other things
on their minds.
Dean was hiding in fear of Alota attacking him with kippers for what
he had accidentally done to Tara.
Zodar was trying to breathe at least a spark, seeing as after Tara's
attack all he could do was smoke.
Jay, Keith, Keats and Jack were trying hard not to stare at Tara,
while Canazza was busy trying to talk to Tara, seeing as she was the
only one in the room able to understand him now he was a Pink Tree.
Thinking about the medical staff she wondered where Dean's
girlfriend, her ex-room-mate Jasmine Starbolt had gotten to. <Hint
hint Lace, where are you?>
Eve went over and picked Dean up, he couldn't stop shaking
remembering that Eve was pissed off with him for slapping her in the
face a number of times, but all this weird stuff had pushed that
memory into the back of Eve's mind. Dean sensed the kindness in the
way she carried him over to the buttons of the machine, he relaxed
alittle and remained on her shoulders scared of touching any buttons
again while so many were standing in the area where you got changed
into something freaky, that and the fact he was used to hanging off
Eve whenever he was transfored into something smaller then he's
usual self.
"Now do you see why I didn't like your idea, although it's working."
Eve whispered to Dean
"Do you think we should change Tara into something else?" Dean
whispered back, though a few 'ook's' were added.
"If we change her, then everyone will want to be changed, we don't
have time to play with this machine til everyone looks how they want
to, but in saying that, can any of these species you've all become
actually go into that planets atmosphere?"
"How would I know, I'm not smart any more remember."
"Hmm, yes some people should be starting to change back to normal
soon... unless..."
"Unless what?"
"Well who knows what sort of waves are being admitted into the air
each time we use this thing, i think the longer you're in this area,
the longer the change will be in affect, although I'm sure there'd
be a sequence on here to change your DNA forever, but I'm not
willing to find out, this machine is actually becoming more and more
unstable, part of the reason why I don't want everyone to continue
going in until they come out the way they want to, I don't like this
machine at all."
Eve had pointed out some important issues, pity the only person who
could hear her had fallen asleep.
Shaking her head, "lets get this over with" she muttered to herself.
"Alright, Alota, the real MP, Keats, Jack... Who's next?"
While Eve waited for an answer she looked over at her ex-boyfriend.
What was it with Zodar and fire? Luckily he hadn't become 'Pyrogen'
She had been the only one who could control him and that's when she
was 'Leto' not Eve.
<TAG, anyone in the room, anyone who feels like joining us... Kara?>
Eve Lola Rimmer

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