JP No Yellow Smoke without Fire

Also the next group to get modified basicaly join up with the first squad they can...Thats doesnt make much sense Phil...."
"oh right...What he ment to put was ...get your lazys arses into the machine and join up with each squad..."
Jay scratched his head, with a taloned hand, Eve had described his new form as an Albatross...but Albatross didnt have arms..and generally didnt tower 2 feet above everyone else. "No offence to Dave" he siad gesturing at the recently 'tree-ified' Canazza, "But I don't speak Tree-ish, wheres the logic in partnering me with him?"
"Well..theres no medi-staff going with you" Alota said, "Had to partner him somewhere! Be thankful its not Phil.."
"Well, ook, at least you aren't going, ook, to be gassed to death." ooked Dean, leaping around the room towards Jay, whilst simultanously pointing at Zodar. "And," he added, "how are we meant to pick anything up? None of us are gifted anymore with the opposable thumb!"
 "Ah. Point" said Eve.
"WAIT!" MPP scribbled, "I AM!"
"Hey I have thumbs too!" said Jay "Just pointy ones..AGGH GODDAMIT!" he yelled as he poked himself in the eye.
He clutched his hand against his face, "Anyway....Phil..have you got ANY idea what were looking for? Be alot easier to find if we knew how to scan for it.."                                                                                                                
MPP scribbled on the pad again and held it up to Jay "Talk about my wife like that again and I'll see to it that when you're changed gets reversed NOT EVERYTHING reverts to its normal size!"
"Oooooh, nasty" said Dean, reading the pad. All the assorted ex-human male members of the crew cringed, before Keith? Kevin? suddenly yelled out "I'm a eunuch! Rock's are sexless! It's all GONE!"
"look on the bright side" Jay said "You'll never be short of a paperweight!"   Alota stood arms folded, "When youre quite done fella's, we have a mission to get underway" she turned to Eve and the others who were yet to be mutated "Lets finish up here and those of you staying behind keep an open comm-link with us on the planet, we may need you to come after us"  with that she stepped into the machine.
Eve, who by now had given up trying to work oput the controls of the machine, gestured for Dean to leap up no the control panel, that way at least, she wouldn't be blamed. Dean duly did the honours. And the tubed went purple.
"PURPLE?" said Jay, "DEAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY WIFE?" MP and MPP shared a giggle in the corner. "NOT MEANT LIKE THAT YOU MORONS!"
Jay ran across to the tube, 'accidentally' opening his wings and sending MP and MPP across the room, where they smashed into opposite facing walls  and tried to peer inside, he could only make out the sillouhette of Alota inside which soon began to shift. At this point Zodar set Dean's tail alight again for good measure.
 "OWEE, OWEE, OW!" ooked Dean, leaping up and down on the control panel, and the smoke change colour to a vivid yellow. "DEAN! OFF THE CONTROL PANEL!" screamed Jay, trying to kep calm as he watched the silhouette continue changing.
JP between Andy, aka Jay, and Chris, aka Dean

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