New, Convenient Brain-In-A-Can

Who: Keto Brain-Bot, Big Pink Tree, Canazza
Where: BD Medical Department
When: 1984 (and Big Brother's just started again, how ironic)
<<I've lost the snip I had, so I'll summarise>>
Canazza and the robots arrived in 1984 and boarded the BD.
<<End rather pathetic summary>>
The Keto Brain-Bot (KBB) rolled contentedly down the corridors,
heading for the medibay.
Okay, so they were stuck in the 1980's and, without any nuclear
fission power source, unlikely to ever return to their proper time.
Okay, so his twin in his body didn't appear to have come through the
time portal with the rest of the fleet, instead having disappeared
with Patrick Cerebrum to Earth in the future. Okay, so unless his
brain fluid was changed soon he was probably going to start suffering
hallucinations, delusions and eventually permanent brain damage.
But at least he was back on the Dwarf. It felt almost homely now,
especially since he was able to move around for the first time in
several years.
Rolling into the medibay at last, the KBB received a pleasant
surprise when it saw the Tree standing in one corner, apparently
trying out its lauded potted-plant impression.
"Tree! How very good to perceive you! How are you?"
*Rustle! Rustle-rustle, rustle?*
"No, I'm afraid I don't know where he is."
"Down on Earth, I believe, trying to help the others find a nuclear
power plant so we can get back to our own time. Listen, I hate to
ask, but could you do me a favour? I need a fresh jar of nutrients
in the next few hours or so, and I can't easily do that on my own, so
would you mind?"
*Rustle,* agreed the Tree, and bounded across the room into Keto's
office, returning shortly after with a jar of far clearer liquid than
that inside the KBB's casing.
-- One quick fluid-change later... --
"That feels much better, thank you. I truly appreciate that," said
the KBB, absorbing some of the fresh fluid, "Now then, I assume that
we two are in charge of the medibay for as long as it ta..."
The lights flickered suddenly before cutting out altogether, and
the KBB sighed.
"Maybe one of the power relays in the office was damaged when the
Blue Dwarf was dragged back here," he suggested, "Wait here, I'll be
right back." With that, he rolled into the office, and removed one
of the panels on the wall. The Tree shivered faintly - the only
plant to have a fear of the dark, naturally - and moved so it stood
under the only remaining working light in the room. The shadows cast
by it were somewhat unnerving, so the Tree tried to persuade itself
that this was a purely natural nighttime that any tree in the wild
would have had to endure...
Canazza poked his head around the medi-bay door, the lights were out
and no-one was there, all except the Big Pink Tree which stood under
a spotlight in one corner of the room. Having recently been a tree,
he knew a bit about Tree Facial expressions, at the moment it
appeared to be sleeping.
<insert Canazza's theft>
Canazza picked the bottle up and walked out the room, tree in tow.
The KBB finally located the faulty relay, and without any clear
idea of what it was doing but with a somewhat uncaring optimism,
touched two wires together. The lights flickered back on steadily,
and it would have smiled had the automated body had that capability.
"There!" it announced happily, rolling back into the main
room, "The light are working a...where did you go?"
The room was empty. The KBB sighed once again.
"Well. I guess I'm chief medical officer until one of the others
gets back, then," it murmured to itself.
OOC: Tag! Figured I'd get at least one medical staff member aboard
the BD, even if it's just a brain in a jar in a robot. ;)

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