Midgets...hundreds of em....

OOC : Please find attached a phote of MP in what he considers "undercover clothes"....
"Theyre more like screams of 'call the national guard'"
"MP put down that guard right now...."
**10 gun filled mins later **
Phil an MP were in an alley way, not from the bay where the "nuceal wessels" were based. But their clothes were...well...buggered from when Phil decided that crawling up a sewage pipe to get away from the guards would be a good idea...
"we need clothes....go and nick some from the store over there..."
"Why you? well If you dont I'll tell jay who soiled the seat of the Pheonix....."
"Yes I know it was me...but who he going to belive........"
"OI...watch your language.....and make sure the clothes are good for undercover work okay..."
** another 10 mins later **
Phil was trying so hard not to laugh...at least the clothes that MP had nicked for him were of a decent size...MP dress sense was , well, poor(see atached Photo)
"That the best you could do?"
"Right *muffled laugh* time to collect some particles...."

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