Oh no.. fibre eating weevils

"Disgusting, who would eat horseradish sauce" Canazza failed to notice Timmy surfing on a tidalwave of Weevils behind him"they have it in McDonalds as a Ketchup substitute""So that's why I never tastes quite right," Canazza paused, "I have a plan"
"Well do tell us for drake's sake!" said Dean, rising up from under a sea of teh hairy blighters. "I think that.. oh my god, are they? they are! Dude! These things eat your hair."
"What?" said Timmy, confused, and falling off teh mound of weevils and collapsing on top of Canazza.
"Well, this lot just removed my left eyebrow!" said Dean, swiping off the bunch of weevils from his face.
"Oh smeg." said Canazza looking down, "and they eat clothes too."
Timmy started laughing, glad he was a robot. Dean and Canazza started a dance, trying to get the rapidly mulitplying creatures off of their clothes and hair.
Dean "SMEG!" Thomas
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